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Walk Rocks Outdoor Adventure Game for Families

Walk Rocks Outdoor Adventure Game for Families

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A simple and magical game that leads to hours of laughter, fun and connection.

Have family walks become predictable or boring? Do your tweens want to stay on the couch or on their phones?

Try Walk Rocks, and turn your walks into hilarity with this directional adventure game.

At every intersection, draw a game piece and let the rocks choose your adventure!


When out for a walk, each time you arrive at an intersection, pull a rock from the bag. Follow the direction on the game piece - turn left, right, or go straight!

Optional: Too far from home? Add the wild (multi-directional) piece to the bag. When pulling the wild rock, choose your own direction to head back home.

Game Pieces (what's included)

Included in the kit:

one bag

4 "rocks":

- straight

- left

- right

- wild (any direction)

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