Our Story

There was a phase in the tween years when my daughter decided walks were boring. She was no longer inspired by the road to fairy land, hopping over logs, or looking for bugs.

When I was little, each time out the driveway, my mom would declare, which way today? Should we turn left or right?

It was always right, because we were going to school and work, but the way she said it, with glee, opened up a world of possibility and adventure.

What if we went left just this one day?!

The Walk Rocks game started with marbles and an old purse. 

My daughter and I marched outside, and at the first intersection drew a marble. The game was afoot. 

Many days, the marbles took us safely and joyfully around the block. Some days, we'd travel a mile from home. One evening, she brought a friend, and we went on a barefoot adventure through the neighbor, laughing and exploring while the night settled upon us. Now several years later, they still remember how we got "lost", barefoot, a long ways from home! 

As you play Walk Rocks, may you and your family find joy, laughter and connection and unlock unexpected adventure!